Monday, January 28, 2008

Coon's Supper- Blytheville AR

Had an interesting weekend in Blythesville, Arkansa

We went to the Coon's Supper AA conference in Blythesville. It was a very long drive there from our home, but it was very interesting.
Our booth at this conference was in the front of the building, which, by the way was a run down bar which was being converted for this conference, because the Holiday Inn had burned down 2 weeks prior. Yes, I said it. Run down Bar, converted into a conference hall. And who said you can't have an AA meeting in a bar! The irony.

But i realized something, for the first time in a long time, I noticed my reaction to alcohol was non existent. I was reliving the 10th step promises that the obsession would be removed, and I didn't think once about alcohol. Now, I've had numerous days like this before, but none where the bottles and symbols of the disease were surrounding me. I mean seriously, there is a giant picture of the Budlite bottle next to my vendor booth. Wow, what a miracle.

I met a gentleman with 54 years of sobriety, and I met a woman with not quite 24 hours of sobriety. The difference between the two ------ many, the similarity between the two, even more.

The solution for both...... AA ---- and a connection to A Higher Power of their understanding, that solves ALL their problems today......

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